Doctors can diagnose the illness, but without the availability of medicines at good cost and quality, all efforts of doctors will be in vain. For treatment of any disease, it is important to have a supply of required medicine in desired quantity and quality. Many of the victims of illness across many developing countries are due to non-availability of medicine or non-affordability of the medicines.

India with the growth and development in pharmaceutical industry manufacture the medicines at a reasonable cost without a compromising in the quality. India has many own research institutions which are working relentlessly to discover newer drugs. Also, Indian government makes sure the latest medicines across the world are made available to the patient before illness kills him.

Unfortunately, many of the countries and some villages and tribal populations are not getting a supply of desired medicines in adequate quantity and quality. So INDMED Travel is making sincere efforts with the association of various pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the world to supply the medicines wherever required in adequate amounts without compromising quality and at affordable rates.

We are focusing on various life-saving drugs and preparations, chemotherapy drugs, bleeding disorders and cardiac medicines with help of our associate partners in pharmaceutical industries. We are also trying to provide various essential costly medical and surgical items, lab products and reagents to be made available directly from manufacturers for the patients wherever required across the world.

INDMED Travel requesting all those who feel medicines available at their place is not good quality or not at an affordable rate to contact us. We will try our level best to supply medicines from the manufacturers directly. Also, inform about the charitable service we are trying to provide to those who need it.

With help of our associate partners, we can provide the medicines anywhere in India and many countries as of now. Our aim is to get more and more pharmaceutical partners and we should be able to supply medicines anywhere and anytime on short notice whenever required.

We request all of you to join hands with us for serving the people suffering and requiring help.

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