neurological treatment in India
neurological treatment in India

The most common medical illness which is leading to the painful situation for most of the people is a chronic backache. The prevalence of a low backache is increasing with a change in lifestyle.

The young generation is sitting most of the time working on the computer on a chair with lack of physical training. It has been noticed every 3rd individual suffering from Back Pain or neck pain after the age of 35 years.

INDMED Travel associated with best neurosurgeons having experience in treating Neurological problems for more than 20 years. Many of the patients who are suffering from this problem came to India and get the best treatment possible at very less cost compared to other countries.

Our Associated Hospitals have technologies and microscopic surgical procedures which help in the speedy recovery of Patient and higher success rates. The cases of paraplegia or other major spinal problems like spondylolisthesis and procedures like spinal instrumentations can be performed in India also.

Apart from surgical procedures we also have some traditional Indian therapies and Ayurveda, acupuncture therapist which may add to your treatment options.

INDmed Travel is associated with the expert doctors who can diagnose illnesses related to the brain including hydrocephalus, aneurysms and cancers.

neurological treatment in India
neurological treatment in India

Our associated Hospitals are equipped with advanced and latest technologies like Gamma knife, interventional procedures like coils for aneurysms in the brain etc.

A lot of the patients have been treated successfully who were suffering from the disease of the brain such as neurocysticercosis, tuberculosis, and meningitis. Also, we have advanced stem therapy for neural involvement due to various diseases.

Our Associated Doctors were able to treat all illnesses affecting the brain and spine with success rates equal to the global standards and at the cost which is the least among all medical tourism destinations in the world.

The association with the experts in the field of treatments using Indian traditional therapy, acupuncture, yoga and meditation therapies will add to the early recovery.

Well established professional physiotherapists along with dedicated nursing staff specially trained in the management of the patients in Coma or in vegetative states help to get good outcomes.

We can recall some success stories in cases of cerebral palsies and autism in some patients. The customized treatment plan from the expert doctors can be provided after thorough initial assessments.

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INDMED Travel is among the best Medical Tourism Company in India providing full-fledged Medical Tourism Services in India.