Knee and joint replacement in India
Knee and joint replacement in India

As the age catches many suffer from osteoarthritis. Some suffer to such an extent they are not able to walk without pain even for short distance and hampers daily routine activities in some patients.

This is a most common disability in adults and leads to daily intake of analgesics. Sometimes even high dose analgesics don’t help.

INDMED Travel is associated with orthopedic surgeons in India having experience in this field for more than 15years.

These doctors are performing joint replacement surgeries every day with high success rate. Few surgeons have crossed over 5000 joint replacement surgeries in last 15 years of their experience.

These doctors perform unilateral or both knees replacements with traditional surgical techniques or minimal access approach too. The implants also have wide ranges to choose from. Our Associated Doctors are expert in other joint replacements such as hip joint replacement.

Other arthroscopic procedures which can be diagnostic or curative can be carried out in our centres. Knee joint, shoulder joint and hip joints are predominantly undergoing arthroscopies in India.

Our Associated Doctors are performing surgeries for ligament or meniscus injuries in the knee joint, recurrent shoulder dislocations and procedure for avascular necrosis of Femur neck.

Our Associated Hospitals also perform various procedures for fractures and deformity correction. We are associated with one of the centres which are specialized in limb lengthening procedure known as illizarrow technique.

We are a team of doctors and understand your requirements better than others. We will assist you to choose the best hospitals and best doctors across India and will help you till you recover well.

With expert doctors and well equipped advanced technologies, you will get the best care at an affordable cost in India. We are associated with few NGOs who can provide some financing help for the surgeries to reduce the cost of treatment.

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