In the last few years, there is marked an increase in the number of medical visas issued by the Government of India. With the marked increase in the number of medical tourism in India, it is now becoming a preferred hub for the medical destination. India provides the affordable treatment almost 60% to 80% cost savings as compared to Canada, USA and UK.

Is Treatment in India Safe?
Is Treatment in India Safe?

So the question arises to most of the patients is:

-It the truth that India provides cheaper rates?

-Is it safe to get treated in India?

-Is the success rate of treatment in India is good?


For these questions, we formed the team of multinational people and surveyed this among the people who got treatment in India or by Indian doctors. We studied various important factors such as cost, outcome, time, facilities, administration, and availability of experienced doctors and availability of infrastructure, latest technologies and drugs.


The observations were as mentioned below:

1. COST: All patients surveyed said they could able to save a substantial amount of treatment even after spending on travel and accommodation. Many of them even visited Indian tourist places and said they could save money even after they spend on tourism.

2. OUTCOME: Up to 26% patient said the outcome was outstanding. Another 58% said the treatment was above average whereas 13% of patients were satisfied with treatment. 2% of patients were satisfied with treatment but were of opinion could have been done better. The rest did not answer the question.

The outcome was compared with the global success rates and was found to have similar results comparable to the global standards.

3. TIME: The most satisfaction factor proved to be the time. And all patients were happy with prefixed appointments and rapid response from various health facilitators based in India.

The requisite treatments carried out without undue delay and long waiting periods.

4. FACILITIES: All NABH and JCI accredited hospitals were having good facilities and satisfaction level of more than 85%. Few patients had some suggestions for better services for the future.

The fully equipped rooms and international cuisine was available at few hospitals. Other provided comfortable rooms on sharing basis with adequate cleanliness and support.

5. ADMINISTRATION: The patient going through the medical facilitator services help were being helped a lot in visa, travel and accommodation.

In all metro cities of India facilities of transportation, hotels are easily available as per the convenience of the individual and patients were amazed to see such a cost-saving transportation all over the metro cities of India.

The visa processing time and documentation was not a problem and were possible to make online applications and quick services also provided for special cases.

6. AVAILABILITY OF EXPERIENCED DOCTORS: All patients were satisfied with doctors they choose. They said the doctors they have seen online and with their available information provided on the internet were accurate.

Doctors were humble, professional with skills and experienced. They were available as and when required. The supporting staff and paramedical team at all hospitals performed outstanding care practice.

7. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AND DRUG AVAILABILITY: All NABH and JCI accredited hospitals were equipped with advanced technologies similar to USA, UK standards. All hospitals had 24 hrs working pharmacy in the hospital premises and all the latest drugs prescribed by doctors were available.


Considering all the above points, after a survey of medical tourism in India from patients we can say treatment in India is cost-effective without time lag. The hospitals are well equipped with advanced technologies and world-class infrastructures. The success rate in India is par with Global success. With the active involvement of the ministry of health and tourism in India, the administration ease is possible for any treatment expectant. With the availability of the latest services like Air ambulances, we can transport patients across the globe.

If you are looking for safe, rapid response, cost-effective treatment India can be the preferred destination.

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