cosmetic surgery in India
cosmetic surgery in India

With advanced technologies, sophisticated equipment, and highly qualified professional experienced doctors we who can make you look better and socially amicable. The results of Cosmetic Surgery in India will be far better than other parts of the world at so much low cost.

We offer various cosmetic surgeries mainly on the face, breast, tummy and genital region. These surgeries will make you look better, younger and more satisfied with your looks.

Breast Surgery:

Then you could take treatment for breast enhancements from the best hospitals in India and with fewer operations, you can get the perfect sized breasts.Many of the Hollywood actresses already tried these procedures and you must have seen the results.

  • Do you get troubled with extra-large and heavy breasts? We can provide breast reduction treatment in India also.
  • We also provide surgery for distorted breast after mastectomy or any other surgery on breast happened previously.
  • We can make artificial nipples and areola for patients suffering from the nipple and areolar anomalies.
  • Are you a male and if you feel you have gynecomastia or female like breast? We can rectify your problem and make it look normal.


Face Surgeries

A wide range of face surgeries is available in India for various problems which are affecting our personality.

The most common face surgeries are anti-aging treatments to make you wrinkle free. This procedure is called as rhytidectomy or facelift.

The scar will be behind ears so make it invisible to others. If you feel you need to do some changes for your nose, eyebrows, eyelids, lips or cheeks we can help you out.



Do you have huge abdomen?

After delivery, your abdomen size has increased?

We provide surgery called abdominoplasty in India in which excess of fat and skin is reduced or removed and tummy will be reduced to the size you desire. This will also help to reduce the substantial amount of the weight if you are looking to lose the weight also.


Other Treatments:

There are many other treatments than the ones stated above. Some of the procedures include buttocks augmentation, vaginoplasty, and genital surgeries. The various scar which is looking ugly or troubling can be revised to give you better looks. The scar revision surgeries may be helpful to the scars generally obtained post burn.


Various research activities are going across the world and newer techniques are coming up to improve the look to make you more confident in own personality.

Moreover, if you get it done with the help of Indmed Travel in India, these procedures will cost you 70 to 90% less compared to the western countries with similar results. We have a team of expert doctors and who are having a lot of experience in the same field for quite a long duration.

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