cancer treatment in India
cancer treatment in India

Most of the cancers now have curative treatments. Many of the cancer patients though not curative also experience better life and survival with cancer treatment.

There are various treatment options available for cancer like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical approaches. Those who are diagnosed at an advanced stage of disease are managed in palliative care to have pain free survival with a better terminal period of life.

It also requires a lot of emphasis on psychological care and considerations for nutrition and other health aspects.

How Is Cancer Treated?

  • The first step is to do screening if the patient has symptoms of Cancer.
  • After an initial assessment, if there is a result to confirm cancer first we require to find out what is the stage of disease with a detailed evaluation.
  • INDMED Travel helps you with the detailed investigations as and when required which includes non-invasive tests like CT, MRI, PET scan and specialized scans as when required and Invasive tests like endoscopies, biopsy, tissue sampling and any special procedure recommended by an oncologist.
  • INDMED Travel is associated with a reputed Hospitals in India and can get all the required investigations advised by your doctors as earliest and with a lot of cost savings so that you can afford next curative treatments.
  • Once with evaluations, we confirm the stage of disease, the tumour board will be carried out and all reports will be discussed with reputed oncophysian, oncosurgeons and radiotherapy experts.
  • The team will make the plan of treatment and will start treatment immediately.
  • Once treatment is planned various approaches to surgery alone, Chemotherapy alone, adjuvant chemotherapy, radiotherapy alone, a combination of chemoradiotherapy and plenty of other options will be discussed with patients.
  • As patient undergoes treatment, an expert team of doctors and paramedical staff will monitor them.
  • Reassessment at every stage with expertise and monitoring will lead to better outcome.
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Radiotherapy in Cancer Treatment

Why Choose India for Cancer Treatment?

The success rate in cancer treatment in India is par to the global success rate. The treatment cost in India is almost 70 to 80 % less as compared to the USA. Moreover, hospitals in India accepts international insurances if the patient is having any which lead to the reduction in cost burden on the patients.

Why Choose INDMED for Medical Tourism in India?

We assure best-customized treatment with financial savings. We are the team of doctors who understand your requirements and try to serve you the best.

INDMED Travel is associated with some NGOs which are predominantly working in supporting cancer victims. We try to help cancer victims to get some financial aid or any support possible. 

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Drug Supplies

We also supply cancer drugs in countries other than India at an affordable cost via reputed couriers within 5 to 6 working days directly from the manufacturers.

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